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About the Course

Let's Zentangle! with Katie Zerbel
ages: 10-110

Join Katie to learn how to Zentangle! Zentangling is a meditative and relaxing drawing technique that creates patterns- called tangles. Most tangles are done on small pieces of paper, called tiles, using drawing pens.  Students will explore techniques of patternmaking, shading, and coloring. There are no mistakes, and each stroke is easy to draw. Students will notice increased focus, relaxation, and self-confidence to create art.


January 18 Thursday from 10-1
January 27
Saturday from 12-3
February 15 Thursday from 10-1
February 24
Saturday from 12-3
April 11 Thursday from 10-1
May 25
Saturday from 12-3 May 9 Thursday from 10-1

Resident: $25           
Non-Resident: $40

Materials fees are included in the tuition pricing. 

You do not need to bring any materials.

Registration is required 3 days before the start of a class or workshop.

You are not registered unless paid in full.

If you are a Clemson resident your discount will be applied before you pay.

You will need to register each child separately to get all discounts.

Need help? Call Emily at 864.633.5051

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